Thursday, December 01, 2005

Leaving South Luangwa in a hurry

Fred watching the wildlife
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We were due to leave South Luangwa today, after two game drives yesterday, but after we returned from our morning drive, we were told that the flight we thought we had been booked to go back to Lusaka on today, was full and thet we had NOT been booked on this flight. So decision time.... and so we decided to leave that afternoon, on a flight which was empty, and therefore miss our planned evening drive. A pity as two leopards had been seen mating the previous evening.

It was a very bumpy flight back through the rain to Lusaka, furst to Chipata and time to catch up on the local Zambian news.

Again, where Fred and Charles go, trouble follows and Zambia finds itself in the international news this week because of riots outside a church here in Lusaka, because of Satanic practices which have taken place there. The church has been closed down by the government. There was an editorial in the newspaper accusing many churches here in this 'Christian' country of being misued by people to get rich, turning their congregations into zombies and playing loud recorded music in the churches which is no better than the 'jive' music heard in the bars and clubs. What's new?

The other major discussion point is the rise and rise and rise of the kwacha which ahs gone up 40% this year, about half of which ibn the week we have been here. The cancellation of debt and the high price of copper as well as high interest rates have all coyntributed to this. Having been told for many years that prices have to go UP because the kwacha has fallen, many people are asking why now the kwacha has risen so specatcularly that prices are not falling.... interesting!!!

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