Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas in Cape Town

Boys in Berbera
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We hope you all had a great Christmas and are still enjoying the festivities.

We gave ourslevs a bit of a holiday from the blog, but came on just to say we are taking the 22 hour bus (the train was fully booked in all but 3rd class) to Durban this afternoon.On Thursday we pick up a car which we keep for the rest of our stay. We intend to visit KwaZulu Natal, Xhosaland, the Garden Route and back to Cape Town, a truly beautiful city, certainly when the sun is shining.

We have been staying at a great backpackers lodge, namely the Big Blue, slept in four beds in four nights, each very very comfortable. The owner spit roasted a lamb and barbecued some chicken kebabs for the uests on Christmas Daty, so we ended up having alovely time by the pool with some new friends namely Richard plus GF from Halifax, Craig and Tracey from Shefield, Lyndsay from T Wells, Remco and Rose from The Hague and Ali from the US.

Cape Town was burning on Christmas Eve in the strong hot winds. Our trip to Robben Island was cancelled, so we just went to see King Kong... a good but slightly silly film, with some shocking portrayals of black people as primitive and savage.... very 1930's. Still a good moral showing how man's greed and technological progress destroys what is good in the world.

In a rush.. more from Durban in a couple of days time.

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