Friday, December 16, 2005

San child with grandmother

San child with grandmother
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Today, we visited a San vilage and also went out for a bushwalk with a number of them where they showed us how they looked and found roots, leaves, nuts and fruits, all of which had special powers. They also recreated a hunt for us.. although the 'black' (as they call them) dominated government here in Namibia have banned them from hunting (after the whote apartheid rulers had forciblky moved them onto their current lands).

The San have been living in these parts for the last 25,000 years, so have been a lot more successful than any other civilisation in our historical perspective.

One pity was that at the scvhool which we were shown around, they are forced to learn evrything in English rather than their own language with all the clicks! But still, the school seemed quite well provided for by the governemnt.

Many m,any mothers were carrying babies and there were lots and lots of children. By all accounts San people keep having children until they can no longer have them....

Tomorrow we are off to Etosha to look for and watch game for three days... hopefully we will finally get to see our male lion, and who knows what else. I have purchased a volume of African birds south of the Sahara so we will spend much time trying to identify all the birds we come across.

See you again on Monday... and all is well with Fred... just a little bit too lazy to write a blog!

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