Sunday, December 18, 2005


What teeth!
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Just managed top sneak into an internet cafe (USD 10 per hour) to let you know that we are having a very successful time here in Etosha.

At the gate yesterday morning in the light rain we see what look like two dogs on the road. They are black backed jackals.

A little further on we meet another customer walking down the road (it is still very early). It is a young male lion, our first.

Still further, we see some wt looking springbok.

Then a fight between a jackal and three beautiful spotted hyenas, most going on beghind bushes so we cannot see exactly what is going on, but amazingly the jackal escapes with the meat!

Then a large number of zebras, a few giraffes, some hartebeest, some wildebeest, an odd steenbok, a few kudu and so on.

In the meantime I am identifying all sorts of birds (list to be published in next blog... but includes the ostrich, the secretary bird and many raptors).

At the waterhole in the evening, after a beautiful sunset and night has set in we arrive ton see and hear a spoted hyena drinking water. He leaves. It is still save for a drongo catching insects in the nightlights.

Then along comes a makle elephant, looking white in the light... he make a tour of the hole and sdtays with us for half an hour while he drinks and splashes around and comes very close to Fred, reaching out with his trunk. Incredible to hear everything in the silence, as opposed to just watching.

Today starts off with a nervous jackal or two at the same waterghole (near our campsite), followed by springbok, hartebeest and four handsome male kudis. Fred calls me back for breakfast and we depart.

Two lionesses at a waterhole.

An old lion by the side of teh road, face showing many scars, his paws open with recent wounds, a massive mane and yellow teeth and pink tongue. We are thrilled!

And later this afternoon..... a pride of lions.... four young babies, a number of mothers, some juveniles and a young male all together, an older male somewhat further off. Fifteen in total.

We spend the rest of the afternoon with them while firsdt they rest then start to wealk around, looking and smelling the zebra and ostrioch nearby.

Four young go off by themselves while the mothers are still resting... the mothers follow and eventually so do the males. Beautiful beautiful strong animals... this sort of experience really makes a three day trip like this worthwhile.. a once in a lifetime experience.

Back at camp now, watched the sunset, while the others are preparing potjie. We are well satisfied.

(Picture here from Zambia... Etosha pics to be uploaded Monday or Tuesday).

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