Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sir Percy wins The Derby at 6-1

Sir Percy wins The Derby at 6-1

..... and Dragon Dancer came second - at 66-1.

Dylan Thomas came third.

Hala Bek was fourth and they all finished in a line.

Amazing.... I just tipped everyone the first and second in The Derby. Incredible.

So happy.

It was a very close call between the first two horses.... what a finish, they are saying. Wow. A short head

Sir Percys mother was Percys Lass who was owned by the Moller family and was trained by Geoff Wragg.

Geoff Wragg is the trainer of Dragon Dancer. Well done, that man.

Also, as I was saying yesterday about Speciosa only costing 30,000 pounds, well Sir Percy only cost 16,000 pounds.... a better investment than a riad in Marrakech.

Owned, ridden and trained by British people.

The only bad news is that poor Horatio Nelson injured himself on the run-in and they fear thge worst. Sad, very sad.
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