Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Himba girl - 1,000 views

Himba girl, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Almost six months qfter this was posted on flickr, it has received its 1,000 visitor/viewer today. It is by some long way the most viwed photo of mine on flickr and has been rated as being the most interesting photo uploaded onto the whole of flickr on that day, although it seems recently to have lost its position.

It really is a lovely photo, of a beautiful person, taken at just the right time of the day. All of the photos in this set turned out really well. We were driving along the road, past the Zebra Mountains and saw a group of four young girls with a donkey, whereupon we stopped and chatted, while I took some unposed photos with my sneaky Sony DSC-828.

Funny to think that I am back in Africa now, here in Marrakech, so far awy from Kaokoland. Ther Himbas live right up in the north western part of Namibia, against the Angolan border, next to which we camped the first night, along the side of the river, by the Epupa Falls. The story of our trip can be read in the December 2005 section of this blog.

Odd too, to think that next week, Angola will be playing in its first World Cup and, indeed, have a patch against the old colonial power, Portugal on Sunday 11th June in Cologne, amazing how these things work out. I wish them all the best.

In the meantime, all is well here in Marrakech. It is not too crowded and not too hot and we have just had a simple but delicious meal. Good to see Colin and his family and they have a new, very large riad for us to look at while we are over.


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