Friday, June 02, 2006

Calling in from Marrakech

On the terrace, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here we are back again in Marrakech, this time with Thomas as well. The sun ius shining and it is not too hot, although promising to warm up in the coming days.

Thomas spends most of his time playing football with the local young lads - who are very good.

We are having a look at a some riads, and seem to have found a potential riad, which is now as good as a ruin, but in a year could be looking like a palace. Its a project for Fiona and myself and we seem to have slightly different ideas about the finish we want, Fiona favouring a rustic Berber finish and me thinking more of an exotic oriental palace. We will see, nothing which canot be sorted out.

Enjoyiu,ng the delicious fruits of teh season, including some nice plump red cherries.... mmmmm....


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