Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The boys are on their way back

Harry, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It was summer today, as warm outside as in the tropical jungle, at Burger's Zoo in Arnhem, about 100 kms to the east of Amsterdam. We all enjoyed ourselves, with Harry seeing the five most wanted being a lion, elephant, hippopotamus, zebra and camel. I enjoyed the great views we had of a family of gorilla's but less enjoued the creepy looking chimpanzees opposite. Some looked bald and others had large pink growths on their backsides. James enjoyed the tropical area and he took many many pictures. I'd like to download some but seem to be unable ot on the computers here today.

This is now the next day, and Diana and the boys have just gone. Feeling a bit lonely so here at internet cafe to catch up on the blog and some e-mails. Need to book some flights too. To Birmingham for the Somaliland independence day celebrations on May 18th and to Gatwick to catch the next flight to Marrakech, to buy the riad... more later.

Today was another scorcher, getting a bit humid towards the end of the day. We spent the morning getting ready and the afternoon at the Flevopark swimming pool, a first for me as I usually go to the Mirandabad, near where I used to live but it is not such a nice cycle ride there. Plenty for the boys to do there, including swimming, just no big slide. Just got a message from them to say that they have made it to departure lounge, after a very slow taxi ride to the airport.

Tomorrow, I go to Rome to join Fred. He went yesterday and seems to be enjoying himself. Seems like we have a very nice apartment near St Peters, for not too much money. He has been looked after by the Cat and stayed up in a bar until, shall we say, quite late, last night! Maybe it'll be as warm there as it is here - 26 degrees today.

It is Remembrance Day today, and there is the annual service with the Queen and the Mayor on the Dam at 20.00 hours, about 40 minutes, so I think I'll cycle up there, maybe take a few pictures. Normally it is a very cool evening. Not this year!


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