Monday, May 01, 2006

H D and C

H D and C, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It is May 1st, about 10 degrees and pouring with rain. A good thing the Dutch chose to celeberate a Queen's Birthday on April 30th than international labour day. Actually, this year iot was 29th April, a Saturday, as we cannot celebrate on a Sunday, (it seems).

Diana and the boys are having fun nin the Mirandabad and I am at an internet cafe, writing a short blog, while my computer is out of action with a configuration error. It took about two hours ot get ready this morning, getting the boys dressed, getting the bikes ready, cleaned, unlocked and ridden to the swimming pool. It is a lot of wiork keeping two yopung men happy, but happy they seem.

Yesterday, we took them to the Tropen Museum, where we could re-trace our steps in Yemen and Syria, with their multi-media, interactive displays.

Later, we watched, as a family, a DVD of The House of the Flying Daggers, a story, eventually about two free spirits, rounding off the evening witwh an interesting discusison with a 12 year old (James) about religion (a little bit in the light of the last blog).

I should say, that the last blog had to do with circumstances as they relate to a good friend of a good friend and his relationship with his parents. I am happy to say that my parents have never tried to influence us religion-wise and I have never suffered any bad consequences or unfair treatment as a result. Thanks, Mum and Dad!

Tomorrow, we can expect sun and 17 degrees, and Wednesady sun and 23 degrees... role on the summer! The boys go back to England on Thursday.

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