Friday, April 28, 2006

The trip to Sardegna - Laconi

After the horses there was still a fair bit of the afternoon to come to we drove up and around to Laconi.

Laconi is set in wooded hills, under some limestone escarpments, with views all round. It is home to another Sardinian saint - this time Saint Ignazio, who lived in a local convent and performed miraculous deeds, apparently, in the 18th century. There is a charming little chapel to him, maintained by the widow in the picture above.

It is a delight to wander around Laconi, especially in springtime, with the new leaves on the trees lightened by the late afternoon sun, the old men sitting around the main square (which is circular in design). Lots of small streets to wander around. Pretty houses. The streets eventually bring you to a castle and a park, with magnificent trees and a lovely green mossy waterfall. The roots of the trees dangle down like icicles and the water spatters down, very reminiscent of the waterfalls in Qadisha Valley in Lebanon. It was late and the park was closing so we did not have time to se it, as coincidentally (perhaps?) there is also a large Cedar of Lebabon in the park.

Back down in the square, it was time for the younger people to come out and every wall and park bench was taken by locals who looked like startings gathering on telegraph wires in the early evening. Time for a campari in the bar before returning to Isili.


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