Thursday, April 13, 2006

Diana & Charles, late 1962

Diana & Charles, late 1962, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Just a quick note to say that this afternoon, I received from my father 57 letters written by my Mum to her parents-in-law (my Dad's parents) from Hargeisa and other places in East Africa. They cover the period from October 1960 to October 1962.

This picture would have been taken on our arrival in England for the first time during the late autumn of 1962, which turned out to be a very very cold winter indeed - just enough to toughen we Africans up!

I'll be writing a whole load more about these letters in the days/weeks to come no doubt. Just to say here that my Mum wrote that I would be having to get used to shoes, having not worn them in Hargeisa.

Also, if I may, my Mum also mentions me picking up dirt and dead flies and putting them into my mouth, which may explain why I appear to have such a strong stomach!


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