Saturday, April 08, 2006

And the winner is....

Numbersixvalverde, ridden by 20 year old Slippers Madden, who gave him a great ride.

Well done, Fiona, for picking him. He is a lovely horse and was deserving winner.

I had a great thrill for about 7 minutes while Ballycassidy (100-1) was in the lead, jumping for fun until he made a mistake at the 25th of the 30 fences, and fell, while leading them all a merry dance. Still, a fantastic run for this horse, who is today, a household name.

Of the other horses I backed, Juveigneur fell at the first!, Baron Windrush at the 5th and Jack High at the Chair (that dreaded Chair again). Bad luck, Mum and Nick, although he did not look like winning.

Was glad Clan Royal, who despite being owned, trained and ridden by Irishmen, is actually trained in England, came third, otherwise it would have been an Irish 1-2-3. Was telling everyone on the BBC message boards that an Irish 1-2-3 was on the cards but did not put any money on (at 25-1). Always the worst thing to see... a bet which you thought of making but for some reason did not, eventually come through.

Think I might go on a cycling holiday to Ireland in May, to attend some country meetings there and meet my ancestors!


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