Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fiona in green

Fiona in green
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Fiona and I spent the day in and out of the sun and cool shade, wandering around the souks and backstreets of Marrakech, drinking fresh orange juice and eating delicious kofte.

It seems like everyone in Marrakech knows Fiona, or judging by the looks some of the young lads give her, would like to know Fiona!

We had hoped to meet up with Youssef and go to the mountains but we werent able to get in touch with him, having spent all yesterday with Colin and his family. We will try to rent a car for a day or two to see some of the lush green and yellow countryside and go up to the snow covered Atlas mountains.

Tomorrow we first see Colin about a riad... yes, another one (or three!)

Looks like it is cold back home.. but sunny. Should be 3 degrees max for the Gold Cup, when last year it was 21! Oh well.

Fiona says a big hello to Thomas!


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