Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Anders of niets

Anders of niets
Anders of niets
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The results are in for Amsterdam (still unofficial). The Partij van de Arbeid (The Labour Party) won very well, gaining 5 seats to now have 20 out of the total of 45, more than expected.

Things were not looking at all well for my Amsterdam Anders party, as they had no seats in the opinion polls. The first prognosis came after 60% of the votes cast and this was confimed... they were going to lose their one seat.

Another prognosis, with 80% of the votes cast and still no seat.

Then finally.... as the mayor introduced the final result, he said there was one suprise - a small surprise... the only change during the evening... Amsterdam Anders had won their seat. Just! At the last minute!!!! Amazing!

And who did they win it from? None other than Fred's Groen Links party, who stayed flat at 6 seats, having bbeen at 7 all evening!

There's a party in town..... but I'm not there.... maybe next time!


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