Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fuad on Rakan

Fuad on Rakan, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Fuad is from Yemen and is one of many renting out horses to visitors for a quite walk or trot or even canter along the beach at 10 riyals a go (about 2 euros)

Fridays are quiet. People go to the Mosque and tend to sleep the rest of the morning. Life outside gets going in the afternoons. We spent Friday afternoon on the Corniche (all seafronts in the Middle East seem to be called Corniche), and also havinga delcious fish dinner at a beachside restaurant.

The grey sandy beach is very busy, cars and SUVs parked next to the sea shore, families picnicking on the beach for the promenade, children playing on swings and slides, people renting horses out for a ride as well as fast and furious dune buggies, being rented out to the smallest of children. All very lively and colourful.


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