Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The wonder of Christmas in Paris

Walking atound Paris now, the Champs Elysees to be precise, surriunded by lots of tourists of all sorts of nationalities, but particularly Spanish, Italian and Japanese. The trees are lit up all blue and on both sides of the road there are brightly lit huts where people are selling teas of China, hams from Spain, scarves from China, local Gluhwein!, dolls from Russia, magic glo-sacks (?), Eiffel Towers!, Pens and lighters, umbrellas (it is a clear sjlky above but wet underneath), cuddly toys from China, oh! Seaweed and oysters, Pommery champagne, toasts foie gras, Father Christmas hats (from China), some with lights, some with noises, toys from China, soaps (FROM ALEPPO, SYRIA )- what a lovely smell!!!, those horrible horrible wooly hats with dangly bits (as seen on too many tourists in Amsterdam), pancakes and toffee apples, and that was it - entering the real shopping area now.

On my way to the blue Eiffel Tower now.

I was walking along the row of huts with my blackberry, thumbnailing the information onto flickr as I passed from one to the other until I ran out.
In the metro now with at least a hundred photos of a blue Eiffel Tower, being asked for money by what looks like a Romanian gypsy, while two Mexicans sit opposite me and a young lady with glasses and rosey cheeks surrounded by bed pillows in see_thru plastic carrier bags sits the other side of the corridor and anoether lady in black with died red/auburn hair talks charmingly (in french) into her mobile phone on the seat next to me. She has black stockings on her crossed legs and nice shiny pointed stilettos on her feet. A hooded guy with fur lining guards the door while choosing which music to play on his mp3 player/mobile phone. The pale baby blue wire matches or clashes with the bright baby pink of his t-shirt underneath.

Maurice and his woman sit opposite me now as we stop at Havre-Caumartin. The lady has her hair dyed dark auburn, and her face is an artificial brown underneath the powder and make-up. She has beautiful dark eyes. She wears a sort-of fake fur coat, a creamish colour and carries a bronze coloured handbag. Maurice is grey haired and unshaven, with dark eyebrows and a flattened nose. He also has a (fake?-) fur lining to his brown coat. He carries a present of ladies make-up in his wee Coca-Cola sponsored bag. It is probably for her. They look and sound happy together. They are both quite small.


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