Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue moon

Blue moon, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Nothing but greyness here as we cross over the hills between Grenoble and Lyon, a couple of cms of snow on the ground. It is a very very quiet train today, just some rather disgusting sounding coughs breaking the silence every now and then.
Should be home in about nine hours and I still prefer this to flying, whilst I also have two hours in Paris for photos or shopping or a bit of both or none at all.

R says:
well .. normally one can see it as a mobile desk .. as far as you have internet connection, a laptop, and power supply ... it is not very different than a desk .. with moving scenery ;)

I say:
Yes, indeed, and what lovely scenery both inside ;) and outside the train. The snow has gone and the sun is out and we pass through farming land of fields and woods and hedgerows and green prairies of winter wheat, glowing in the sunshine, every now and then a herd of white charolais cows and even the odd horse, as we speed at nearly 300 km an hour towards the capital city.


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