Monday, December 01, 2008

Between the Tower and the River

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CharlesFred Pro User says:

I am now inthe quiet zone of the 7.36 South West train from Crewkerne to London Waterloo, which will pass through Sherbourne, Salisbury, Basingstoke (where I lived and worked for four years before coming to Amsterdam, Woking and Clapham Junction before arriving at 10.19. In time, I hope for my meeting at 11. Just arrived at yeovil Junction. There are three young women next ti me but I am taking the risk that they do not talk too much during this long journey. They are talking but are doing so quietly, this being a quiet zone.

Aving gone to the station to buy the ticket yesterday, I was just wondering what the date of the ticket was and I noticed that it was for travel yesterday only. There being someone in the ticket office I asked him if I could change it, pointing out that the machine which sold me the ticket had not said that the ticket was for same-day travel only. (Wow! There is a beautiful orange sunrise ahead of us). Anyway, it turns out that we had bought the ticket nine minutes too early as after 14.30, the ticket would have been valid for today as well. So I had to quickly buy a new ticket (for 41 pounds twenty) and fill in a refund application form and get my money back in Waterloo (which will no doubt make me late for my meeting). Alternative is to send it to my Mum by post and ask her to get the money back - but then within 28 days. Hmmm...doesn't seem exactly fair. Would have been a whole lot easier if he had issued me a new ticket and arranged the paaperwork himself. But that would not have satisfied the auditors, I suppose. Oh well. Time to relax now and enjoy the English countryside.


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