Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holly berries

Holly berries, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

So, had a very nice weekend with Mum and Nick, despite the cold and the sleet, which kept us in the tiny lounge by the log fire most of the time, watching Premier League football on Sky (we were all able to be happy with Man U winning their match against Man City and Arsenal coming from behind to beat Chelsea 1-2). I managed to watch Strictly on Saturday bit lost out to Top Gear this evening, which is why I am waiting for the BBC i-player to bring on the Strictly results programme, where I hope that it is the loveable (but not very good dancer) Christine is voted off.

Further we went to visit the new Waitrose, which threatens to kill off trade in Crewkerne the way it did in Beaconsfield in the 1980s'. We also paid our last respects of Woolworths which is now bankrupt and may disappear after being around for almost 90 years on the English high streets.

With the pound right down at one euro twenty, even Waitrose had some excellent bargains, so I bought a whole load of Christmas provisions including local Crewkerne cheddar, Christmas pudding, cranberry jelly and horseradish sauce, my only constraint being the weight and the space in my bags.

Unfortunately, Mum had bought Fred and I a bottle of malt whisky for Christmas but I have to refuse it as it will not be allowed on the plane as hand baggage and might break if in my ordinary baggage. Fortunately, I could accept some mini-mince pies!

Tomorrow a 41 pound trip in the train to London where I will visit our new executive offices in The City for two days of meetings.


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