Saturday, October 25, 2008

Istanbul in the (heavy) rain

Istanbul in the (heavy) rain, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

I have often wondered what Istanbul would be like in the rain, as it has always been sunny when we have been here. Wel, today we found out as there was heavy rain when we finally set out this morning (after a very fun but late night last night).

The fishermen of the Galata Bridge were all out there in the rain coats, with umbrellas, wet sheets and so on, as many today as there would be on any other day. They made great sujects for photographing (although it is generally difficult as they lean and look over the bridge, often allowing just a sideways glance at them - as can be seen here.

The weather cleared up and we managed to spend the rest of the day walking around Eyup, which occasion provided us with another decent crop of photos and other headgear.

Last night tonight and with an early start to the airport, I doubt if we'll get much sleep, but we can always catch up when we are back in Amsterdam.


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