Thursday, September 25, 2008

In front of the house

In front of the house, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Today is also a memorable day because we have finally paid off the mortgage on our house, just over 15 years after we moved in. So the house is finally all ours.

We moved here with the idea that this would be our home for teh next 30 years. We are halfway there and are more than happy to stay here, despite all the changes of the last few years.

After the closing of the cheese shop, we saw the betting shop close last month. Now, toiday, we read that the restaurant opposite, KleinJansen is closing next week, after more than ten years. No idea why they are closing but it might have something to do with a possible row between the owner and the landlord. No doubt we will find out what. Fortunately, the restaurant will continue with a new owner and, presumably, a new name. I hope they just increase the size of the portions.

Still, we have some nice new neighbours, one of whom is sitting opposite me as I type.. better give her some attention....


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