Friday, May 09, 2008

Who wants peace?

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Its a week ago since our last day in Syria, little did we thin that we would be bringing the weather back with us to Amsterdam, where it has been warm and sunny all the time... and getting warmer...

We are getting quite used to living on the balcony at the back of the house, surrounded by the green trees and our herbs in terracotta pots. This is not suburbia and there are no lawns so there are no lawnmowers but it is amazing how much mechanical sound there is. On almost every day one can hear people with an electric sanding machine, rubbing against the wood being sanded and now there is someone cutting wood, or so it seems.Plus someone seems to have have bought a piano and taken to playing it with the windows open.

But back to Syria, which still seems to ahve a bad name in the world, mainly thanks to US propaganda and its so-called war on terror and the axis of evil. The strange thing is that it seems that Israel and Syria are quite keen to find peace with each other, with Israel preapred to give Syria back the Golan Heights which it took in the 1973 war. Syria will be allowed to 'look after' Lebanon, which means keeping Hizbollah quiet, apparently. (And it seems that Hizbollah ahve been stirred into action the past few days in Beirut, possibly being encouraged to by the Western-backed government, seeking to create some instability.

Because... it seems that the US does not want its client-state Israel to make peace with Syria as it is looking for a way into Iran. An Israel surrounded by peaceful countries including Syria is not what the Americans want, apparently, this because it is less easy to justify strikes on Iran, which seems to be what the oil-hungry regime in Washington wants.


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