Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ottoman Houses

Ottoman Houses, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It is great to be back in Aleppo again. We had our doubts about whether to make the trip up here, when we could only have two half days and a whole one. We knew we really liked the city but precisely why we could not remember. So today's walk around town has been one of surprises and re-discovery as gradually all the memories start re-awakening. Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow seeing as much as we can.

At least we are staying in a half-decenmt hotel, unlike last time where we spent the first night in an expensive over-priced one and then moved to a grotty back[packer hotel before being m,oved on from there to the dirty and cheap Syria Hotel (not recommended). Abdullah from Aleppo found our place for us, a reasonably priced backpacker sort of place near the clocktower.

Earlier in the day, we were treated to more bedouin hospitality, on our way from Hama to Apamea and then up to Aleppo, being driven by our great friend Abdul, to whom we ahd to say goodbye earlier in the afternoon. We hiope to see him again, inshallah.

Otherwise, we have worked out that we are paying vetry little for tghis holiday in a country where you can but a packet of 20 cigarettes for the price of one cigarette in England. We are paying just about the double of what each of us pays to travel to workl everyday for all accommodation, food, planty of beers and drives around with privatre chauffeurs and all entrance money.... amazing... still just about 30 euros a day... and having an amazing experience as well...

And it is still cool, especially at nights, where we have to walk around in wollen jumpres, although warm enough (hot) in the sun during the day.


Anonymous Al said...

hey guys,
thanks alot for the nice blog which shows that we need more people showing a different side, not only of the middle east but also of the whole "shadowed" places.
im form syria, and im living in south east asia these days, and by the way will be happy if u try to come here sometime to guide u around, and even if u think of going back to syria, u hv to visit my home town, lattakia, it has great places to visit, and alot of nice guys as well,lol.

29 July, 2008 09:02  
Anonymous Al said...

by the way this is my email

29 July, 2008 09:03  
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