Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From Puppet on a string...

From Puppet on a string..., originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It started with Sandie Shaw a 'Puppet on a string' in 1967 and has continued to this day, with a dip in the 1980's when it wasn't trendy and the songs were rubbish and Oirland kept winning... the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year there are 43 countries participating, with two semi-finals tonight and Thursday, with the big final on Saturday.

My points this year (based only on videos I have seen on internet) are awarded as follows:

12 Macedonia
10 Serbia
8 Montenegro
7 Israel
6 France
5 Bulgaria
4 Germany
3 Azerbaijan
2 Ukraine
1 Albania

Ones I particularly do not like are Estonia, Moldova, Croatia and Belgium (these are really terrible).

Russia is the favourite but I think his song is not as good as the one which did well a few years ago.. but it does seem to be Russia's turn... so who knows?


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