Friday, August 24, 2007

Jamon Jamon!

Jamon Jamon, the title of a Pedro Almodovar film, I think. Our country manager took us to a Jamon shop and encouarged us to buy a ham, from an acorn fed black pig. It weighed six kilos and we decided each of us to buy a third, for € 35 each, for which we will get 4 shrink wrapped packages of sliced ham, 250 grams each (the meaty bit being about half of the total weight). So, we wil probably be having a ham party at home soon!

Last night out to dinner for paella, which was delicious, iof a bit more chickeny and fishy.

Today, the blue sky has disappeared, it is grey and cloudy and quite windy, a typical Amsterdam summer's day, not exactly typically Madrid. The weather forecast in the bar showed rain all around the coastal regions and one of my colleagues from Guadalajara said it was raining there this morning. Oh well, there seem to be plenty of museums we can visit this weekend, if the weather really doesn't improve.


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