Friday, July 06, 2007


Hull, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

This is one of my favourite photos of my favourite boat - the Point Reyes, which can be founded stranded on the beach just outside Inverness in Tamales Bay in West Marin County of Northern California. I love faded and flakey paintwork like this. I spiced the colours up a bit with the help of picasa.

I am on my way to Birmingham with those very same people who left US stranded at Birmingham airport on our way to Ireland three weeks ago. I hope I do not see any of the same staff we had then. This is a business trip to meet my boss and some members of the accounting team over there. I left the house without having written down the address of the office, so needed to come onto internet to find it, which I have.

Tomorrow is going to be the second anniversary of my time on flickr, last week, having been the second anniversary of starting this blog (I had not realised before).

Anyway,. the flickr site has had a good year in terms of the number of visits. I think the first year had 56,000 photostream visits, of which 12,000 were in the first six months and 44,000 in the second six months. This last year, we have had 410,000 visits, the clock being up to 466,000 and on its way to the half million. Thanks to everyone for visiting... much appreciated, the visits and the comments.

Gotta go, my 15 minutes is running out...


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