Monday, July 02, 2007

The stuff of nightmares

Here is a photo from when it was still summer, namely Derby Day. A mixed day of rain, sun and showers today for a day in the office.
I was looking forward to watching Bollywood, the tip from my cousin, running in the 6.30 at Goodwood today and I had had a near maximum bet on him each way at 10-1. However, I noticed that his stable companion Mythical Charm had been backed from 14-1 to 10-1 and decided to have a saver bet on him. I did this just before running to the betting shop to see Bollywood fade in the straight to finish 5th or 6th after looking promising in 3rd.
I had no idea who the winner was but it turned out to be Mythical Charm.. great I thought... a good move to have that saver bet..... until I started running back home, when all of a sudden I started wondering whether or not I had hit the 'confirm' button. Of course, I had not thought about this while I was running TO the betting shop, when I could have done something about it... only on the way BACK when I could NOT do anything about it. Sure enough... the confirm button had not been pressed, I had not won my saver bet and I becqame very LOUD and upset, so annoyed with myself fro doing this AGAIN (it is not the first time, as my Mum reminded me). As I said before, it is so difficult to find a winner and then to find one and then not go through with the bet because of a tachnicality is very annoying.

It gives me the same emotion as during one of my recurring nightmares, where I am at Moor Park Station, near my school, from where I would take the train back to Amersham on the way home. There are lots of platforms there and trains are coming and going from each platform and one is always on the wrong one when your train comes in and you run over to catch that train only to find it has just left... and then the same happens again and again and one never catches any train.

And on the subject of recurring nightmares, I was talking to a friend yesterday who shared another of my recurring nightmares.... namely that one has a maths exam the next day and one has not studied or revised for it... not for years...and one is bound to fail in a very spectacular way. (We are both good at maths). Someone who was listening to the conversation said it has to do with being afraid of failure. Failure to know how to put a bet on the internet properly.


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