Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rain in Atlanta

Here is a picture of the hotel where I am staying. This is the entrance and there are, in fact, about 12 stories, so it is quite high. Strange to take a photo with the forecourt all wet, stranger still for them to put THIS photo on their website. Anyway, it seems that we Brits (there are four of us here) have brought some much needed rain to Atlanta as we had a major thunderstorm earlier this afternoon, with rain they badly need over here.

It was a day of meetings, financial controllers meetings, and they went quite well, although one is left with the feeling that there really is FAR too much to do altogether. Anyway, a way will be found through, no doubt. A nice bunch of people and we are just about to go out and have dinner at a restaurant in one of the nearby shoppingt centres.


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