Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heron Bay wins at Royal Ascot for Geoff Wragg

Heron Bay (in the chocolate and gold colours, on the right) wins the King George V Handicap Stakes to give Geoff Wragg his 18th Royal Ascot winner and his first since Cassandra Go won the King's Stand Stakes in about 2001. Geoff Wragg is my favourite trainer and my favourite owners are Mollers Racing (a trustfund set up on the death of the two Moller brothers to buy and race good quality racehorses, to be trained by Geoff Wragg).

Ivy Creek won at Goodwood for connections and netted me a nice 200 pound profit at 8-1, on a day when I had earlier visited my Uncle and Aunty. This evening I was due to meet them again and, after work, I walked round the corner to the bookies and put a fiver each way on Heron Bay at 20-1, which netted me a very nice 125 pounds! Quite a coincidence really!

Moreover, it was the only winner I have managed to pick out in three days of racing, yet crucially, he was the only one I had put any money on. My luck is definitely in these days!!! He was leading within the last furlong and was headed by Frankie's mount, but unlike the 1995 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamong Stakes, when the same thing happened and Frankie on the Derby winner Lammtara headed the Wragg/Moller combination of Pentire, Heron Bay managed to fight back and get his nose ahead at the line. What joy!

It was great seeing my uncle and aunty before they go back to Malaysia, after what had been a little bit of a boring day at work... too much like work it was!!!


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