Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Being blocked

I think I know a little bit what it must be like in China, with the strong walls of censorship built into the computer I am working on at my hotel. Almost everywhere I go, I am blocked. No Flickr (no buiness related use). No Racing Post (keyword gambling). No Sqidoo (keyword adult content). No Google images (not sure why). No Rainbow Network (keyword lesbian) and so it goes on... It is very very frustrating. A man behind the check-in desk tried to get me access to flickr yesterday and tried for a good half-an-hour without luck. He will try again today.

At least, I do not think there is a report being sent to the CIA about my clicks onto the internet, at least if they are, they cannot necessarily trace it is me, as I have not had to type in my room number (maybe they will have this facility next time I come here). In China, in a disgraceful episode, Google and Yahoo offered to send everyone's internet cativities to the Communist Party, just so they could 'access the Chinese market'.

Anyway, it is breakfast time now. They have the best breakfast I have seen in an American hotel, despite my sarcastic remark yesterday about two pork chops. It is the first time I have seen unsweetende cereal in the US, plus fresh fruit, yoghurt and the like. The coffee isn't too bad either!


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