Friday, December 22, 2006

Sun rising over Angkor Wat

The days are getting longer already, at least here in the northern hemisphere. Always a good thing to remember as we descend into the depths of winter, not that we get to see much winter in these days of global warming.

There IS a big fog over England at the moment and all number of flights have been cancelled. I was at the travel agents this afternoon to wish them a Happy Christmas and they were teling me that there is chaos everywhere at the moment, especially to Bangkok since Cathay Pacific cancelled two jumbo jets there just this week.

We have a Flybe flight to Exeter tomorrow, one of the first to take this route which has just opened, all part of the British government's scheme to promote regional airports, at exactly the same time they are supposedly trying to push the climate change agenda at international meetings. A bit like me, in fact, supposedly concerned about the environmnet but unable to suppress my desire for air travel.

And this is something to think about when wandering around Angkor Wat, seeing people from all over the globe who have come there, almost every single one coming by plane. Angkor Wat is Cambodia's most important tourist attraction by far and tourism is one of the biggest sources of foreign exchange. Increase the excise and taxes on aircraft fule to where they 'should' be and you deal a mighty blow to the Cambodian tourist industry at the same time that the liberalisation of world trade is enabling Hong Kong, Taiwanese and wastern companies operating in special trade (tax-free) zones in China to undercut the Cambodian clothes and garments industry.

On a lighter note, just to say that my uncle and aunty are now in Siem Reap, to celebrate my uncle's birthday tomorrow, so Happy Birthday and we hope you are having a lovely time over there.


Blogger Daniel C said...

Yes, indeed the sunrise at Angkor Wat is beautiful. I was there last week (17 Dec)for the Angkor Wat International Half-marathon. The race started at 6:30 a.m., and I saw the sun rose at the same time. Pity that everyone was sprinting forwards at that time and only very few had noticed that.

28 December, 2006 21:18  

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