Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ethiopia at war with Somalia

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Here are a bunch of 'Ethiopians' from Jigjiga, albeit they are Somali people, living in what is land assigned to Ethiopia by the British over a century ago, namely the Ogaden.

Somehow, their Ethiopian government, which managed to stay in power by cheating last year, has decided that it can save Somalia from the grip of the Islamists of the UIC and have sent their troops into Somalia. They have also lobbied, together with their friends in the US, to have the arms embargo on Somalia lifted. The United Nations, which seems to know next to nothing about Somalia, and has agreed to the lifting of this so-called embargo which was never policed anyway. They are said to have about 8,000 tropps in Somalia.

They are in Somalia supporting the pretend government, a government which was formed outside the country in Kenya, consisting largely of representatives from the warlords who had made life for Somalis hell for the last 15 years or so. It is a government which spent its first year or so in Kenya before being eventually kicked out as they were just spending other people's money and not doing anything. It is a governement which has no or little general support within Somalia and one which had to find a town outside the capital, Mogadishu, namely Baidoa, to spend its time. It is a government which has no real right to exist or call itself government, except that it is recognised by the idiots at the United Nations and the African Nations sponsoring its existence, such as neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia, both being countries in control of old Somali lands themselves.

It is this government which seems very happy to work with its backers, the (illegitimate) government of Ethiopia and is allowing foreign troops into Somalia to protect Somalia from the very peaople who have finally brought some measure of peace and stability to Somalia, namely the Islamic Courts.

Anyway, it seems as if the war has already started, judging by reports on the BBC, so this should make both the US and the United Nations very happy, however bad it is for the Somalis themselves. Shameful.

And I am sure war is nothing which ordinary Ethiopians want either, rather I am sure they would rather see the back of their own cheating murderous barbaric government, a government, which needless to say is supported itself by the self-proclaimed upholders of freedom and democracy, none other than the United States. Another bloody war on their hands.

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