Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back in Istanbul

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Back again one year and six days after we arrived last year/ This year for 26 days in Turkey.

Plane was delayed by 4 hours which meant arriving after two and getting to the hotel (Albatros) after 5. Evenm at that time we had a discussion about the Israel Lebanon situation with the receptionist complining that it looked like the Israelis and Americans want to take over the whole world and how bad Europe wasnt doing anything about it.

Naturally we missed out on breakfast... Walked around the back streets of Sultanahmet and up to the gardens before going across to visit the great church/mosque of Justinian about whom I have been reading in my history of philosophy book.

Then we pretty well much did the same sort of things and walked the same streets as a year ago even taking the ferry to Hyderpasa to book our onward railway ticket. We are now going to be going to Konya on Thursday evening taking the night train arriving earlyish the next day. Feels like old times.

Lovely to be back in Istanbul with the sight of the minarets and the sounds of the imams and the seagulls when on the ferry across teh Bosphorus.

Fred is now in a backpacker bar having a beer mumbling that he is on holiday and doesnt want to write a blog. Been here too lonmg now so will be off. More tomorrow. Inshallah.


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