Sunday, August 07, 2005

This is a very bad man

His name is Salim Geagea and his sprayed on face can be seen all over a Christian quarter, just south of downtown, along with the accompanying red cross. Seems to be a hero to some, even to a guy we met at the beach toady. But he seems to be more of a war criminal than a hero as he did the following:
1 Led the Christian Phalangists who were set up after their first leader went to vist Hitler in 1936
2 Killed a rival mafia boss and his family after waking them up from their sleep
3 Did the same to another family
4 Killed many Druze (Muslims) in the heartland of the Chouf Mountains
5 Killed many Palestinians in an area nearer the coast

All with Israel turning a blind eye.
Some say he was a holy man.. he always prayed before he did these acts.
They also say that where he went, no Christians survive.

Peace seems to be very much on the surface here.
Everyone is wondering where the wealth, which is so apparent in the country is coming from? Drugs, weapons, money laundering?

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