Thursday, November 05, 2009

Recycling in Odessa - empties

Drinking in Odessa - empties, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

garethbee says:
this is a classic, excellent pic Charles!

CharlesFred says:
Thanks, this was an unavoidable shot, although for some reason, I did ask the premission of the drunks sitting next door if I could take it....

steblina says:
This is the receiving center of empty glass bottles. Prices on the bottles show how much they will give you for particular type of bottle. 20 coins (kopeykas) = 0,20 hrivna, 18 coins, 15 and so on. If you have collected 10 bottles of Heineken, you can sell them and get 1 hrivna.

CharlesFred says:
Oh! I see! That explains why the bottles were empty - ha ha! I was thinking that the prices were a bit steep (high) if those were the prices for the beer...

Thanks for the info!

gert55 says:
great...something to think about :-))... interesting capture!

halifaxlight says:
funny commentary and interesting bottle collection


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