Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 Ekim 2009 - Happy Republic Day!

It is the 81st Birthday of the Turkish Republic today.

Reading the (English language) papers in Turkey recently, we see that Turkey has been busy building bridges and making friensd with its neighbours in the region.

Syria was one of the first, where from now on there will be no visa requirements for citizens to travel to each other's countries.

The accords were signed with old enemy Armenia in Switzerland only a couple of weeks ago.

Progress is being made with the Kurdish PKK, when PKK fighters were alowed back into the country from Iraq, with whom Turkey is enjoying good contacts.

And yet, this week we had a group of Euro-Parliamentarians visiting for two days and it seemed to be constant bickering over Cyprus, with Europe lecturing to Turkey what it needs to do. I am all in favour of Turkey joining and strengthening the EU, but if the EU is going to display anti-Turkish, anti-Islamic attitudes, maybe the best place for Turkey is outside as a regional superpower, with a special relationship with the EU and being a member of Nato.

Whatever, it is great to see the country going from strength to strength!


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