Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the wet streets of Odessa

On the wet streets of Odessa, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

We are starting on our second full day in Odessa, hoping that the rain-filled clouds might move and allow us to see this splendid and multi-faceted city in sunshine. We have a few days to go, so it will happen.

The rain has given us the excuse to stop off in one vafe or bar or restarant for delcious cups of cofee, hearty meals and cheap very drinkable beer (but WHY the Stella and Staropramen? Reminds us far too much of an Enlgish corporate pub!).

So far, we have spent time in the neo-classicist city centre, down at the passenger terminal at the docks and in the Old Town (not so old, mind you). This evening, we will go to the fabulous Opera House (my first time ever to an Opera House!).

The Russian language spoken here is quite fun but it is good that we have a very dear freind here to show around, or we might have become a bit lost, not to mention on missing out on the better places to eat and drink!
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CharlesFred says:
The sun came out is Odessa today at about 2 pm but still the streets are a bit damp.

Tomorrow promises to be beach weather.

Another busy day in Odessa today, which saw us at the East/West art gallery, the main synagogue, the book market, the meat market, 16 floors up, the railway station, a communist area and the Frech Boulevard.

I attended my first Opera and managed to jeep awake most of the time. It was Rossini's Barber of Seville but I didn,t catch him once cutting anyone's hair.

Finished off with Pepper Steak and Ukrainian wine at The Steakhouse. Delisious food and excellent company.

Bedtime now.


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