Sunday, October 11, 2009

Driving licence!

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Here is a copy of the card I received from my Granny and Grandpa Mac wishing me good luck in my Driving Test. I found it in a box downstairs with other memorabilia, which is quite a coincidence seeing as it was either the 10th or 12th October in 1978 that I passed my test (first time). It was a beautiful warm/almost hot day - 25 degrees in the years before global warming. I must have had the day off school and I went to High Wycombe to take my test and I remember driving the car up to the direction of Penn. I didn't make any mistakes but I always thought that the good weather had something to do with put the examiner into a good mood.

At this time, I was still going to school, and having taken my test I would be able to 'do' the school run, driving up from Beaconsfield to Amersham, with my friends Paul and Philip and possibly another, from where we would take the train to Moor Park. I had inherited a car - a purple Austin Maxi - from my Uncle Eddie and Aunty Maud who had recently died and were buried (or, more probably cremated) in Uxbridge.

I used to have lots of cards and some letters from Granny and Grandpa but I lost a box of my 1970's memorabilia, probably during one of the moves to Rome.

I would keep a car until 2004, when I handed in the company car I had been driving - so had been driving for 26 years, now 5 years without - execpting the odd hire car.

The cars I have had have been:

1978-1984 Austin Maxi
1984-1992 Fiat Uno
1992-1995 Rover 216
1995-1999 Rover 420
1999-2004 Rover 75
2004 Volvo 60


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