Sunday, October 05, 2008

Life echoing art

Dans les Tuilleries, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Two days of sunshine we had and today it was like mid-March weather, with the Arc run in rain and failing light as if it was the last race at the Cheltenham festival. Still, nothing to complain about as we all had a great time together. It was Martin's first time ever in Paris and Femke's first time since she left school and somehow we managed to show them many of the best things the city has to offer.

Dinner last night at a3 was wonderful. Not the largest servings but very very tasty and well prepared. On on good thing we didn't get too drunk before eating as Fred and I did one year.

The big race was won by the big favourite Zarkava, a filly of the Aga Khan's who has never been beaten.

My money was on Youmzain, like last year and just like last year he came second, although he lost by on on bigger margin than last year. Also had some money on Soldier of Fortune who came third. So close and yet so far, again...

However, the biggest disappointment of the day was for a Hungarian trainer as follows (from the BBC)

"Sunday's meeting started in chaotic scenes with a false start called in the Prix de l'Abbaye after one horse failed to leave the stalls as Fleeting Spirit's gate refused to open.

Most of the runners had raced over three furlongs while Hungary's Overdose blazed a fruitless trail down the five-furlong course. Officials eventually decided that the race would be re-run at 1730 BST.

"We're not going to run again," said Overdose trainer Sandor Ribarszki. "I'm devastated. I've never felt as low as this in my life. I didn't travel 1,700 miles to be ridiculed like this."

We do not se many Hungarian horses over here and certainly none as good as Overdose who, like Zarkava, was unbeaten, so it was very sad for him to come all this way to be beaten by a silly mix-up like this. The mood seems to match that of the chap on this statue...


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