Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to the (bad) old Olympic days

Well, it has been a great Olympics for the GBR team, wuth 17 gold medals already in the bag. I have spent so many Olympics watching in disappointment of just missing out on the medals, but this year the medals have been coming every day, it seems. Quite wonderful and very surprising. Well done!

A pity maybe that they are won in sports like sailing, where it is very difficult to see who is winning and so on.

I had a day at home today, a I am not feeling 100% and it was the 13th day of the Games, unlucky 13. It rained a lot and it was a day of heartbreak - just like old times.

First up, we had an heroic swim from David Davies in the 10 km swim in open water, where he became delirious just before the end of a race in which he had led most of the way, where he lost his sense of direction, went off his line and was beaten at the last minute by a bald Dutchman. Just like the two women yesterday, yet whereas they were always destined to lose (to the favoured Russian champion), this chap could very well have won if he had kept his line.

Then there was a silver in the triple jump, when it could have been gold, the men's Olympic champion 4*100 metre relay team being disqualified due to a stupid (very very stupid) mistake, the showjumpers having a hance to win gold but cluttering their fences down in their last round and other such nonsense.

And not only that, but the Dutch hockey team went 1-0 up against Germany inear the end of their semi-final, only for the Germans to score in the last minute and win on penalties... sounds oh to familiar.

But well done to Turkey on winning their first gold in the men's wrestling yesterday.


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