Sunday, August 03, 2008

Getting back

Pristina - our favourite beer, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

So here we are back in Amsterdam, with stories to tell from the holidays. It was nice to get back toa warm sunny day and to see how the garden and plants got on while we were away. Thanks to Eric, who caem to water them, they all lookd very good, and the tomatoes are now nice and big and turning a bit reddish. We have one small pepper whilst the aubergine plant still has a long to grow before it can think of flowering and beariung fruit and I fear the autumn will beat us to it.

The weather has not stayed good for too long and this afternoon it is just raining. Yesterday evening too at the end of the Canal parade, at drinking time it started to shower and drizzle and rain, which was a pity. A delay of five hours would have suited better.

Anyway, back to the holiday and we were last seen in Ohrid, enjoying the sunshine and the resort life by the lake, the last couple of days, us sitting in the shade reading our books, going for a swim and drinking a few beers. A nice way to end the holiday, only we had to get back to Prishtina (through Skopje) and then to Amsterdam (through Liege/Luik). Two days of travelling, which had us up early on Thursady morning to catch the 7.30 bus to Skopje, only it was full and teh next available bus would be at 12.45, meaning we would nto get to Prishtina until the evening. Hmmmm... frustrating.

After a coffee I hit on rthe idea on hiring a taxi to get us to Skopje and although it was as much as there days accommodation for the two of us, in Ohrid, it was still not much more than the cost of a taxi from Schiphol to home, a jpurney of 15-20 minutes, over a distance of less than 20 kms. Skopje was 170 kms away and over two hours away and tghis is how we got to Skopje, just in time to miss the bus to Prishtina, of course, so we took the Prizren bus and changed at Fereizen (the US army base) and caught a bus from there to Pristina, arriving just after 1, at about the same time our bus would have left Ohrid, had we taken it.

We were all set to enjoy an afternoon in Prishtina, after a beer and a sandwich at our favourite Leger bar, only I was nto feeling so well with a pain in my back and stomach, so decided to rest in the hotel. I could not rest and kept moving about in pain, getting up and down the whole time. Eventually, Fred decided it would be a good idea to see a doctor, which he arranged. And then just as I got dressed and ready to get into the taxi I felt about 80% better and then at the clinic I felt 90% better, which was good. The doctor gave me some medicines, which I haev already startde to forget to take, nothing serious.

So, not much time to see Prishtina as itw as after 7 now, but we ended up having a very nice evening with a friend off internet and one of his friends, back in the garden of the Leger bar.

Another early start to catch the 8,00 flight to Liege, which was delayed a bit and it was already 17.00 by the time we arrived at home.


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