Saturday, February 09, 2008

What a difference a year makes...

Reflections, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

A year ago, we were having cold winds and snow showers from the north. Today we had sunshine the whole day, a maximum temperature of over 12 degrees and a mild clear evening with fantstic views iup towards the slithery moon and the mighty Orion.

A song thrush was singing in the garden as dusk fell, casting a red glow over the city and a group of about eight long-tailed tits came over.

I spent the day in a friend's garden, digging over the grass, as the whole garden must be dug over beore 1st April, according to the 'rules'. Meanwhile the garden here continues to be tidied up and we even took a saw to the grapevine to stop it growing up the the neighbours balcony and so that we can bind it to the wall.

Had a look for a garden bench to replace teh on e which was removed by the rubbish men last week, but just as I wwas too late last year, in June to buy one, I find that now, in February I am too early to buy one. Bought some pot of muscari which I'll be putting the pots on the front balcont tomorrow.

What a kick one gets from weather like this and quite often one gets a weekend like this sometime in February, as a short break from winter and as a promise for the spring ahead. Wonderful!


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