Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia weekend

Getting married in Paraguay, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It is Australia Day tomorrow and last night we had our Australian friend J round for dinner, with P, J having had a function in town to celebrate Australia Day.

Woke up this morning and watched an excellent Australian Open Final won in brillinat fashion by Novak Djokovic of Serbia who beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France in four sets. Always a nice surprise for the least weekend of January to be watching the Australian Open final. Strange not to see Roger Federer wining, but I like the Djokovic, so was pleased that he won.

And this evening we treated ourselves to Muriel's Wedding, one of our favourite films, with two of my favourite actresses Toni Colette and Rachel Griffiths. It is, in fact, quite a sad film, but the ending is so uplifting and it is always a treat to watch.

This provides us with the theme for this photo of a wedding dress in Alberdi in Paraguay, on the border with Formosa in Argentina. January is almost done and I have yet to take a single photo... having been living all month on flickr off our photos from Turkey!

Further, we had a bit of a spring clean, tidying up the garden finally after it had been a bit of a mess for the last six weeks due to the work being done on the balconies. Also, rounded up all the old shoes under the beds and in teh cupboards and sorted them out between teh sheos which have to be thrown away (my leather shoes full of holes) and those which can be passed on to a charity shop. Gave the bedroom a very good hoovering, cleaned the sheets, opened the windows, let the fresh air in and now looking forward to a nice sleep between cool crisp sheets.

Nest weekend it with be February and the days will seem longer, the evenings already are but soon the mornings will start getting lighter too and and the garden will be full of the sound of tits as they chatter whilst gathering their food.


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