Friday, April 20, 2007


Blue (hyacinths), originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here are some blue hyacinths, being grown in the tulipfields of the Bollenstreek.

Our new fountain turned blue last week. This because two idiot boys from the neighbourhood decided that they would vandalise the wonderful fountain which had just three weeks before been opened. They poured a blue colouring into the water and added some detergent as well, for good measure.

The result is that the fountian has been switched off, so was off during the three hot day we had over last weekend, just the most perfect weather for a gushing fountain. The authorities have managed to test the water for chemical traces and found that it was safe to empty into the public drainage system and just today, the fountain has been switched back on. Too cold though to sit around and enjoy it.

But what a pity that the Doubting Thomases in the neighbourhood should be proved right, with the fountain out of action and heavy costs being incurred already within a month of being switched on.


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