Sunday, November 19, 2006

Different beach, different sea, same idea

Kompong Som - sunset, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here was the sunset we had today, looking out across the Gulf of Siam. A well deserved rest day, spent lounging around on comfortable chairs on the beach, out of the sun. No rain today.

The sea was lovely and warm and quite clear but full of jellyfish which was a bit off-putting as regards swimming.

We went back to the beach for dinner and chose a lovely spot, lit by fairy lights, with delicious and cheap fresh seafood (prawns and squid) and great local company with Cambodian music (specially requested) in the background. Last night (just to make you very envious, Mum) we had a delicious plate of fried crabmeat with vegetables. Completely fresh and separated from the crab, a generous helping too. Delicious.

We plan to have the same sort of day tomorrow, after which we will try to make for Vietnam and the charms of the Mekong Delta there. We might have gone there earlier were it not for the fact that we have been having such a lovely time with the Cambodians. We will miss them when we have gone.

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