Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A beautiful autumn day

A quick glimpse, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Monday and Tuesday, not a cloud in teh sky, the sun shedding a beautiful golden light down on Amsterdam, with the temperature around 17 degrees. Lovely!

Here are some of the last dahlias in the front garden, which so far have survived all the work going on in front of the house in connection with the drainage system and the preparations for the fountain.

Only not-so-good aspect is that a neighbour, who lives on the square has said that, contrary to what we thought earlier, the underground refuse containers will not be placed there, but probably next to our house on the corner of Hogeweg and Pythagorasstraat.... if so, hopefully in that dead area next to the butchers. Hmmmm... time for an e-mail to the local authorities, I think!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ja, ja, zolang het maat niet voor je eigen deur is??
Zo werkt het niet!!

17 October, 2006 20:26  
Blogger Charles Roffey and Fred O said...

Ja ja, en ik weet nooit of enige locale politieke partij in zijn programma heeft staan dat we van de vuilnismannen moeten vervangen met bakken die niet vaak genoeg geleegd worden. Dus hoe komt het dat het zo besloten is? En de locale belastingen alleen omhoog gaan elk jaar.. waarvoor? Minder service? Hmmmm...

18 October, 2006 01:23  

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