Thursday, October 12, 2006

Football supporters in town again

Albanian fan, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The Albainas were in town yesterday, all dressed in red and black, so we had to assume that there was a Euro 2008 qualifying at the Arena.

It turned out that there was and that Holland played very badly but still beat the Albanians 2-1.

In the meantime, both England and Scotland lost 2-0 away to Croatia and Ukraine, hardly surprising really, although England apparently played even worse than anyone had expected.

Hard to get too excited by these things, with the tournament two years away, but seeing the football supporters in town on a nice sunny day, and meeting up with Fred and Annemiek for a drink after work DID remind me of high summer during the World Cup.

Today started off nicely and is ending pleasantly but it has been mostly grey and dull during the middle bit of teh day with some rain.

Tomorrow a photgraphic progress report of the work going on outside the house as they prepare for the placing of the fountain.



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