Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What now for Somaliland?

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I have found confirmation that indeed Edna Adan Ismail has been relieved of her post as Foreign Minister of Somaliland and that she has been replaced by Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh, who was previously Minister of Information (sounds very Orwellian).

I am too far away to know whether or not this is a good thing. Much as I have the utmost admiration and resepect for Edna Adan, what is important is that Somaliland receives the international recognition which so many Somalilanders long for. It could be that Mr Dualeh, if he has the full support of the President, is the right man. Somaliland is a democracy and ministerial changes do take place, and Mr Dualeh is now the man.

There is a suspicion around that the President is actually not so interested in gaining intrnational recognition for his country. But we should hope for the best. It is to be hoped that maybe with a new direction, some extra resources and the increadsed awareness of the problems of the Horn of Africa may all work in Somaliland's favour.

I would like to refer readers to an article by Peter Pham, who often writes in very favourable terms about Somaliland, urging the US Government to realise what its best interests are in the Horn. Her is very clear that these interests coincide with those of Somaliland. This is a great article and his comments with regards to the TFG in Somalia and the role of UN, Kofi Annan and his sidekick Mr Fall, in particular, are very accurate.


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