Friday, June 16, 2006


Honeysuckle, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

One day, they may make computers which can bring you smell, in which case I would like to bring you the smell of the honeysuckle, in the garden, just outside this room. The air is heavy and damp and is perfect for carrying scents. The honeysuckle has just started flowering and should last a week or two.

The garden has seen a few interesting birds this last week. A wren is singing now, while we have seen a spotted flycatcher return after an absence of five years, a tree creeper, a jay - which I chased away as he was terrorising a blackbird family - a number of tits, parrakeets and sparrows.

My leg is a lot better. I took the bandages off on Snunday night and I have been hobbling around or cycling and swimming, both of which are easier than walking. Thanks, Mar, for showing an interest and enjoy your holidays!


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