Thursday, June 15, 2006

England's second test

The Old Friar, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Today, against Trinidad and Tobago. A match everyone thought would be very easy until they held the fierce Swedes to a 0-0 draw. A timely wake-up call for England not to be complacent, which would have been a danger.

I reckon that England have an awful lot to do to prove they are capable of winning this World Cup. Not just the trainer's nutty tactics, but seeing the players play as a team at the top of their game for most of a match. So often, England seem to play in bursts of excellence and then drop off again, and invariably there are 3 or 4 players who play well below their best consistently throughout a game. The hope is that against better opposition, Engand can rise to the occasion.

We will see. After this week, we will have a better idea of England's further potential path to the Final. I had a try yesterday, and although they might miss Germany, they'll be taking on the likes of Argentina or Holland (maybe) and Brazil (maybe).

But for now, it is COME ON ENGLAND!

In the meantime, looks like we'll be watching the match at home, as not only is it raining but it is only 13 degrees.... down from 31 two days ago. Cold! This is more like a Dutch summer. At least it might have cooled down for the England lads.

Further, I have found a few interesting World Cup weblinks as follows:


flickr world cup group

Pink news guide to the World Cup


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